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Commercial Fridge Freezer Repair

Fast and reliable commercial fridge freezer repairs undertaken by experienced appliance repairers.

The commercial fridge and freezer repairs are ideal for restaurants, cafes, churches, pubs, schools, universities, colleges, hospitals, takeaways, newsagents, care homes and hotels to name but a few examples.

The appliance repairers use high quality tools, repair techniques and replacement parts to complete each commercial fridge freezer repair.

With quick call outs as standard, the comprehensive service for commercial fridge repairs can save you money and time so that your business is back up and running in no time.

Common commercial fridge repairs include:

• Power supply issues
• Faulty thermostats
• Broken water and ice filters
• Ineffective door seals

There are no hidden charges for commercial fridge repairs - you just pay for labour and quality replacement components where necessary.

Annual maintenance contracts, emergency call-outs and priority accounts can also be tailored around client requirements as well. The supply and installation of catering equipment can also be provided, if required.

To request a commercial fridge repair, just fill in the online form. Please include the brand, model and type of appliance for help.

Commercial fridge repairs

Commercial Refrigerator Repair

Commercial fridge repairs by professionals. The appliance repairers are available for call outs as times that cause minimum disruption at your business premises.

The engineers and technicians are able to detect and repair a wide range of faults across most types of commercial refrigeration appliances, including:

• Serving counters
• Display fridges
• Upright and chest fridges and freezers
• Walk in freezers and cold rooms
• Ice cream freezers
• Single and double fridges and freezers
• Wine coolers

Most brands are covered including Blizzard, Caravell, Fagor, Foster, Gram, Infrinco, Inomak, Mondial Elite, Polar, True, Vestfrost and Williams.

Service contracts can also be offered to save on future repair costs whilst reducing the occurrence of future breakdowns.

To organise a commercial fridge repair, just fill in the online form for a prompt response.


What sectors does commercial fridge repairs cover?

commercial fridge repairs covers the hospitality industry and retailers. if you have refrigeration at your business that chills or freezes food or drink, the appliance repairers can provide emergency repairs and long-term service contracts.

How quick is the commercial fridge repair service?

the technicians and engineers can provide a same / next day service for commercial fridge repairs. call outs can be arranged at convenient times including weekends and evenings.

How much would a commercial fridge repair cost?

the cost of a commercial fridge repair is subject to the brand, model, type of appliance and if spare parts are required. in many cases, repairs are feasible and much more affordable than a replacement appliance which may cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

Will commercial fridge repairs come with a warranty?

every commercial fridge freezer repair comes with a warranty which covers the parts replaced and the original fault.

Recent Enquires

hello I have a business and the porkka walk in fridge is not holding the correct temper. and it seems to be working intermittently. can you help repair. kind regards


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hi guys, my name`s beth and i`m the general manager here at brewdog liverpool. we are having issues with three of our commercial fridges. we have tried to get in contact with the company that supplied them and they aren`t getting back to us.the first one is a bottle fridge - this is frosting over with ice with bottles still inside which is not ideal. make and model: eco cool platinum x year 2015.the second, is another bottle fridge. eco - cool sd we have cleaned it and it`s filters but still no change. the temperature is stuck on 15 degrees so the beer inside is too warm.the third and final fridge we are experiencing issues with is a food fridge. polar gd x this one appeared to be showing the correct temperature but inside was warm to touch and the fan at the back was not working.our postcode is l1 4de.would you be able to help us here?is there a call out charge for you to come and have a look and see if you can help?


commercial display counter - need for diagnostics and repair