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Zanussi Fridge Freezer Repair

Reliable and efficient Zanussi fridge freezer repairs are carried out by professional appliance repairers.

The friendly team offer Zanussi fridge repairs at both commercial and domestic properties on a same / next day basis with weekend and evening call outs being available in some cases.

Most faults with Zanussi fridges and freezers can be repaired at a low cost including:

• Not cooling
• Not freezing
• Over freezing
• Noisy fan
• Broken door handle, hinge or seal
• Fridge leaking water
• Interior light not working

Most other faults with Zanussi fridges and freezers can be repaired by the staff as well.

Providing superb customer service is paramount to the appliance repairers, who provide a honest and affordable service. In nearly all cases Zanussi fridge freezer repairs are completed by the engineers and technicians at the first visit, and they aim to ensure customer appliances are in good working order as soon as possible.

If you would like to book a Zanussi fridge freezer repair, simply fill in the online form or give the customer service department a call on the phone number provided for a prompt reply by email or phone.

Zanussi fridge repairs

Zanussi Refrigerator Repairs

Reliable and friendly engineers and technicians provide professional Zanussi refrigerator repairs. Whether it's a fridge, fridge freezer, upright freezer or a chest freezer, a repair can be provided at a low cost.

You can expect a quick and affordable Zanussi fridge freezer repair service. The appliance repairers will only use top quality tools and components, so that repairs are long lasting.

The team offer a customer focused service, with prompt call out times, fault testing and a warranty with every completed Zanussi fridge freezer repair.

Most faults with Zanussi fridges and freezers can be repaired, so why replace? With UK mainland coverage, you will not have to wait long for a refrigeration repair in your local area.

The process to arrange a Zanussi refrigerator repair is simple - just fill in the online form, including a brief summary of the problem and your contact details, or give the telephone number a call.


How quickly could a Zanussi fridge repair be organised?

in many cases, a same / next day service for zanussi fridge repairs is feasible. call outs can be arranged for the weekend or evening (subject to technician and engineer availability in your local area). in some cases, repairs are completed in one visit (subject to the problem with your appliance).

How much would a Zanussi fridge freezer repair cost?

the cost of zanussi fridge freezer repairs is subject to the model, age of the appliance and the problem you're having with it. in the vast majority of cases, a repair will cost much less than a replacement. the professionals will be happy to supply you with a quote on request.

Will Zanussi fridge repairs cover discontinued models?

if replacement parts can be sourced, a zanussi fridge repair is often possible. most fridges and freezers under 6 years have readily available replacement parts but discontinued models can sometimes be repaired as well.

Are Zanussi fridge repairs covered by a warranty?

if your fridge or freezer is still under warranty, you should call with zanussi directly for assistance. the independent technicians and engineers providing out of warranty zanussi fridge repairs will provide a warranty on parts replaced.

Recent Enquires

a tall zanussi fridge-freezer, I think about 15 years old. I can`t see any model number on it. the fridge seems to have stopped working but I think the freezer is still ok


started making a noise then funny smell then fridge not refrigerating and freezer defrosted model is zanussi zi 920/9 ka


my freezer is over freezing (frost free) and fridge not cold. zanussi


i have a zanussi fridge freezer model number znb323w - 925033431-01 - the appliance has suddenly started tripping out the main circuit breaker on the fuse board. ice has been building up in the defrost fan housing and forcing it away from the top of the freezer compartment, so that could be the cause. is this an expensive repair?